Social Responsibility

Holyck Effective CSR Framework

As we pursue our value-related goals, the following principles and associated practices ensure that we manage our business with integrity, balancing economic goals with good corporate citizenship.

1.Aligned with business objectives


3.Compliance with the provision of international certifications

4.Result oriented


Effective CSR

1.Brand visibility

2.Social capital


4.Business opportunities

5.Long-term relationships

6.Community building

Employee Well-Being

Since our workers are basic elements to our prosperity, our management groups provide high-quality welfare. Education and training are continually refined, and wellbeing policy is assessed routinely.

Environmental Stewardship

With over a decade of experience as a furniture manufacturer, we have developed our skill in reducing the energy and water waste, improving the recycling of forest resources. Also, we seek creative projects that encourage green lifestyle.

Business Integrity

Integrity is the bridge of win-win business. We have a zero-tolerance policy to prevent any fraud and embezzlement.All our business dealings are clearly performed and recorded to safeguard your interest.

How Our CSR Goals Embeded in the Heart of Your Business


We provide specific training to our workers according to your project and offer them a safe working environment.

Energy Efficiency

Innovative production methods will be adopted to provide you with green products.

Dialogue and Consultation

Each and every suggestion is welcomed. We offer open and free consultation for every new project.

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