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furniture factoryWhere's Quality and Affordable Furniture?

To our customers, furniture is not a single home-used item, but a more styled, decorative, natural and movable objects that support our home activities.

At Holyck, we understand your requirements. Home furniture can come up with a lower price with good quality as always, only by our in-house manufacturing and long-term supply chain.

furniture design

A Well-Balanced Solution from Holyck

We focus on your requirements, budgets, and exceed your customers' expectations. We provide integrated production and shipping services to your brand, your project or your shop.

Holyck products are incorporated into your design, to provide the required specific features and functions. Together, we make comfortable and trendy furniture to improve your sales.

Craft Popular Furniture with Holyck

Holyck provides you flexible furniture production to adapt your target market.

Here's how you will turn your products into hot sellers.


Efficient Production Beyond Your Expectations

Holyck applies advanced machinery production equipment combine with traditional craft spirit guarantee your qualified products and bring them to you on time.

Our Factory Equipped With:

Hot Press
Automatic Copying Router
Edge Bonding Machine
Felt Board Machine
Wood Dryers
Wood Carving Machine....


furniture quality control Complete Quality Assurance System Guarntee Your Products Quality

Holyck has production manger,quality control assistant and professional inspector who will form a team to take up your order, plan it, execute it and finish it efficiently.

The process will go through necessary test and relative solutions and proceeds further.

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Become Our Partners

Being a Holyck partner comes with amazing benefits. We provide you with everything

you need to fulfill production and advance quality.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation
Direct Access to Engineers
Rapid Time to Value
By reducing costs, eliminating waste, and increasing productivity, we identify value as perceived by the customer, and improve quality and fewer Defects.
We offer you instantaneous response from our domestic support center, and immediate incident escalation to our team of field.
We promptly drive value by our perfect geographic location and enhancing shipping capabilities, enabling more methods to your destination.

Embrace Comfort and Success

with Holyck

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