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Furniture manufacturers, merchants, and retailers are progressively sourcing from a global chain of providers, making the quality and safety assessment of furniture considerably more worrying.

Adding to the complexity is the need to recognize and meet regulatory and industry standards for the various markets where the furniture will be distributed to.

Our quality services incorporate a range of testing to guarantee whatever your requirements. We can guarantee a thorough approach with a quick turnaround.

The furniture testing center in our plant focuses on the strength, durability, impact and combustibility properties of the furniture.

Our Elements and Compliances

Our overall furniture quality management system is created to address your unique needs, and there are some elements our management have, including:

Our quality policy

Quality manual

Procedures, instructions, and records Data management Internal processes Customer satisfaction from product quality Improvement opportunities Quality analysis.


Wood Material
Componets Joins

Wood is a kind of hygroscopic material, the difference of moisture content can cause the dry crack of wood to expand and deform, so the moisture content of control wood is crucial to the quality assurance of furniture finished products.

The production of furniture parts shall be strictly in accordance with the drawing size provided by the customer. The connection of various parts is essential for the support, durability and safety of finished products.

Any visual and tactile defects can have an impact furniture quality. We want to make sure that all the finished products have the right color and texture and feel smooth.

Check point: Ensure that all wood is dried in the kiln and the moisture content of wood is tested with special water measuring instruments to ensure that the moisture content of wood meets the quality production requirements

Check points: Check the dimensions of all parts according to customer's drawings or requirements records, and make sure all connection holes are located correctly.
Check points: We want to make sure that all the finished products are free from scratches, indentation, mildew, sharp parts, smooth edges and corners, no distortion, no chromatic aberration, no paint particles, correct amount of hardware.

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