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Wood, fabric, and cotton are the basic materials of our products and the major factor in the quality of furniture. We choose long-lasting and robust materials for the finest touch and style, which adds the great potential for design to bring more charm.

Wood: Pine, birch, and beech are our first choice, considering their specific advantage.
Cotton: Long staple cotton and heavy weave with good breathability.
Fabric: Natural fabrics feature tactile pleasantness.

Cutting Edge Production

Building on the respect of nature, we combine advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Technology makes important contributions to our high-quality production of furniture, with the introduction of the CNC machine that allows for the highest precision cutting and stronger joints.

Our Procedure

We approach every project with passion and expertise from materials to packaging into details and attitude.

Wood Drying :All wood material kiln-dried to reduce the moisture content to make it suitable for furniture prodcution
Wood Cutting&Molding:Dried wood proceed cutting to placed on right pallet preparing for modeling to form exact shape. cutting
Polishing: We polish wood by hand, through the process to make wood looks good and touched smoothness.All safe corner and edges are finished in this part and it's the basic to guarantee after painting makes it gloss.
Painting: With experienced worker and automatic painting machine to guarantee the color attached symmetrically and finished in same density, keep whole set color the same. painting
Packing: We reduce the waste of package, choose the alternative packing solutions as your requirements, guarantee goods arrive your destination safely in time.

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