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A comfort pursuer since 2016, Holyck is a furniture factory that is dedicated to providing a combination of high quality, service and great prices to consumers around the world.

With a beautiful 6000 square meter plant located in China, Holyck offers an outstanding variety of living room, dining room, bedroom, home office and kids furniture for brand owners or wholesalers.

Our Values Define Who We Are


Partner with each other and with our customers, designers, suppliers, and contractors. Good relationships are the basis of our networks around the world.

Every one of us happily takes an interest in understanding issues and creating opportunities. We are a team, a family.

We respect all expressions of our employee and we cherish their contributions and suggestions in our community.

We let each other see how decisions get made and take responsibility for the decisions we make. The decision is all ours.

Passionate about Affordable Style

Furniture can be affordable and stylish. For those years, we keep our words and make furniture a better way.

For our clients, we provide suitable products according to your budget and markets. Life can be livable and comfortable.

Wood Close to Nature

Holyck Furniture is committed to the conservation of our natural resources by minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption.

Through the involvement of our associates, business partners, and communities, we will continue to see new and innovative ways to sustain and enrich the environment.


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